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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We value your integrity!
We promise to maintain the privacy of our customers or any other person who disclose their identity on our website in order to avail our services.
Share your personal Information
We keep your personal information highly confidential and assure not to sell, reuse, rent, loan, or use your information in one or the other way. Any information you share with FixCreaditsSap would solely be limited to us. We take utmost care and will never use your details until or unless you allow us to do so.
Secure your personal Information
FixCreaditsSap’s operations execute in a secure environment that is protected by the standard firewall and other systems ensuring protection to the encrypted data. We keep changing our privacy policies as per the rising trend of the online marketplace, so it is better to keep a check on our privacy policy from time to time. Only authorized individuals can access any information available on our website.
How do we take Information from the client?
Usually, we ask for clients’ details following two different ways:
• The first way to enter your personal information on our website is to manually fill up your details. This is mostly done by signing in through our enrollment program that asks for the users’ name, location, email address, SSN or we call it Social Security Number, and his or her date of birth.
This information asked by us is not at all shared or taken in use for any of our marketing processes.
• The another way to gather information about the client is to track his or her credentials by checking the page views of our website.
This information is customized and helps us to know the demographics of our visitors.
We keep your information safe
FixCreaditsSap will not disclose, share, sell, or use your personal information with any of the third party unless you allow us to do so.
Terms of use
Most of our company and its services are client specific.
• Our team first analyses and checks our Client’s credit history.
• Then a list of correspondence will be prepared in order to make sure that any correspondence with the client is saved for future use.
• Our show this list of correspondence to the Client so that everything starts with transparency and fades away over a period of time. In the case of Bankruptcies, it takes ten years otherwise, 7 years from the date of last filing activity.
• The client can check local listings anytime.
In the case of return of check, our company charges $20 fee extra. All returned check need to be replaced within working 24 hours.
I (We) agree to the privacy statements mentioned above and understand that it may inquire my credit report as well. In addition to agreeing to this policy, I grant limited powers of Attorney to FixCreaditsSapto check my credit report or generate a request on my (our) behalf. Any type of verification by the company would be done in favor of mine

Cost of our service



* a month with 6 easy payments and a signup fee with a single payment of $135 for an individual / ** a month with 6 easy payments and a signup fee with a single payment of $175 for a couple.

Comparing Services

We offer one of the best and the reliable credit restoration services when compared to the services offered by our competitors. We don’t charge any hidden fees; our prices are transparent, and we try to make things clearer from the day 1. Our team of professionals efficiently performs their duties, and this is what gives us strength and courage to offer best possible, Money Back Guarantee to the customers who leave our place with dissatisfaction.