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These credit reports (shown on the right side) reflect a “before” and “after” score for all 3 Bureaus. The one on the left qualified this individual for an interest rate of 7.75% with a down payment of 10% on the purchase of a new home for $350,000. The one on the right, pulled just a few months later, gave him an approval for 6.25% with NO down payment.

These credit reports (shown below) are the results just after Round I. Even this early in the process the scores have improved greatly. Remember, with Credit Repair Today, we repeat the process more than once to continue to improve the overall profile of your credit report and increase your FICO score as much as possible.

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* a month with 6 easy payments and a signup fee with a single payment of $135 for an individual / ** a month with 6 easy payments and a signup fee with a single payment of $175 for a couple.

Comparing Services

We offer one of the best and the reliable credit restoration services when compared to the services offered by our competitors. We don’t charge any hidden fees; our prices are transparent, and we try to make things clearer from the day 1. Our team of professionals efficiently performs their duties, and this is what gives us strength and courage to offer best possible, Money Back Guarantee to the customers who leave our place with dissatisfaction.