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I contacted FixCredit ASAP about a year ago. I had tried to repair my credit on my own with no success at all. I was frustrated, irritable and not sleeping at night. I had reached the end of my rope. I had gone through a divorce which left me with terrible credit and items that were not mine. MY CREDIT SCORE WAS 560. I will be forever grateful to you and your company for changing my life. I am a Realtor and see how credit scores can totally affect people’s lives. In less than a year’s time… My CREDIT SCORE WENT FROM 560 TO 720. You did what I could not do on my own. Contacting FixCredit ASAP was one of the best decisions I ever made

-Laura Jean Roy

We have sent clients to FixCredit ASAP for many years. The service has helped our clients correct negative credit reporting and enabled them to secure much better financing due to increased FixCredit ASAP scores and accurate vendor reporting. I personally have had my credit history corrected with FixCredit ASAP. The service is worth every penny!

-Bill Wingate

I had gone through bankruptcy and after the discharge needed to have some adjustments made on my credit so that I could make some major purchases. FixCredit ASAP was the perfect solution for me. It was so easy – all I had to do was send a representative the information I received from the credit companies. Within three months I was able to buy a new car on my own. Today I have no problem making major purchases. I have no doubt that FixCredit ASAP can accomplish the same for anyone in a similar situation. Thank you FixCredit ASAP for restoring my credit!

-Bill Dangelo

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* a month with 6 easy payments and a signup fee with a single payment of $135 for an individual / ** a month with 6 easy payments and a signup fee with a single payment of $175 for a couple.

Comparing Services

We offer one of the best and the reliable credit restoration services when compared to the services offered by our competitors. We don’t charge any hidden fees; our prices are transparent, and we try to make things clearer from the day 1. Our team of professionals efficiently performs their duties, and this is what gives us strength and courage to offer best possible, Money Back Guarantee to the customers who leave our place with dissatisfaction.